Shannon Pelini – P.I.


Research Interests: Global Change, Invertebrate Ecology

Likes: Motherhood, having an exceptionally supportive husband, reality tv, Diet Coke, Paramore, Linkin Park, Indian food, and all things shiny.

Dislikes: Mullets, loud eaters, drivers who don’t stop for crosswalks, bell peppers.

Michael Pelini – Lab Manager 


Research Inerests: Collection and identification of arthropods. 

Likes: Fatherhood, football, Pathfinder RPG, Clash of Clans, Deadpool, Jim Butcher books, Star Wars, selling real estate, and having a ‘balla’ wife.

Dislikes: Obnoxious people, loud people, and bikers who don’t stop at stop signs.

Audrey Maran – PhD Student


Research Interests: Insect carbon climate feedbacks.

Likes: Crocheting, baking, ballroom dancing, Sci-Fi books and TV shows.

Dislikes: Smelly smells, uncomfortable furniture, jerks, and vegetables.

Favorite Bug – Notorious B.U.G.

Rob Baroudi – Masters Candidate


Research Interests: Invertebrate interactions with forest processes such as decomposition and nutrient flow, and how these interactions are affected at different successional stages following disturbance events.

Likes: fishing, shooting, T-Swift, Vampire Diaries

Dislikes: moths, anything resembling moths, anyone who likes moths

Favorite Bug: Praying Mantis

Cari Ritzenhaler – Masters Candidate


Research Interests: Nutrient cycling in soil ecosystems and it’s effect on detritivore activity.

Likes: Carbs, potatoes, and cheese.

Dislikes: Anything grasshopper related.

Fave Buggie: Weevils.

Caitlin Maloney – Masters Candidate

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.50.10 PM

Research Interests: Soil arthropod diversity and functional groups in disturbed landscapes.

Likes: cooking, writing, and sci-fi books/TV shows.

Dislike: mashed potatoes and heights.

Favorite Bug: Red velvet mites

 Amanda Winters – Masters Candidate
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.16.23 PM[3]
Research Interests: Linking canopy and forest floor processes
Likes: Dirt, manual labor, arthropods, nice people, beer & wine
Dislikes: Wastefulness, close-mindedness, arrogance
Favorite Bugs: Cicadas and leafcutter ants
Eric Moore – Masters Candidate 


Research Interests: Experimental ecology, direct and indirect effects of invertebrates on community and ecosystem dynamics, soil carbon feedback

Likes: Running, Hip-hop music, Reading, Writing, Sharing ale with friends

Dislikes: Country Music, Loud Cars, the consistency of cheese

Favorite Bugs: Any and all ants, Earthworms (making an exception)


Bobbi Carter

Preston Thompson

Catherine Freed

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