Pelini Lab Fall 2017 Members

The Pelini Lab at BGSU has undergone a transition of students this summer. With masters’ students Cari Ritzenthaler, Caitlin Maloney, Eric Moore and Amanda Winters graduating in the spring, the Pelini Lab has two new faces and a familiar one. With a wide variety of skills, experiences, personalities and smiles the Pelini Lab is looking […]

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Pelini Lab at the International Congress of Entomology XXV

Last week, the Pelini lab traveled to Orlando, Florida with new research to present at the International Congress of Entomology. To get things started Monday morning, Amanda and Eric presented data collected this past summer at the University of Michigan Biological Station. Amanda first discussed her research on how tri-trophic interactions between predators (wolf spiders), […]

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Support Cari’s Research in Hawaii!

First-year master’s student Cari Ritzenthaler is crowdfunding for her research on Hawaiian invertebrates! Check out her page below for more information on the project and how to donate! The Summary Invertebrates drive forest floor carbon cycling by shredding, consuming, and moving leaf litter, thereby facilitating carbon use and emissions by other soil fauna such […]

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Pelini Lab at SICB

Last week, the Pelini Lab traveled to Portland, Oregon for the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) conference. On Monday morning, master’s student Rob Baroudi gave a talk discussing his thesis work which focuses on how macroinvertebrate communities can impact litter decomposition along a successional gradient in a temperate forest. His research was […]

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