Pelini Lab at the International Congress of Entomology XXV

Last week, the Pelini lab traveled to Orlando, Florida with new research to present at the International Congress of Entomology.


To get things started Monday morning, Amanda and Eric presented data collected this past summer at the University of Michigan Biological Station.


Amanda first discussed her research on how tri-trophic interactions between predators (wolf spiders), herbivores (grasshoppers), and plants change under different temperature patterns.


Eric followed Amanda and presented his research focused on how detritivore (earthworms and millipedes) interactions are influenced by aboveground temperature change.


Later Monday afternoon, Audrey presented a poster on her summer research that involved addressing how sodium impacts ecosystem services mediated by soil invertebrates and microbial communities.


Tuesday was spent interacting with other entomologists and listening to the interesting other talks that were going on. A wide variety of research topics were presented, ranging from investing taxonomic resolution of cryptic species and insect disease, to integrated pest management and topics more closely related to our lab’s interests in invertebrate-mediated ecosystem services. It was certainly exciting engrossing ourselves in a world of bug enthusiasts! Cari was so stoked she went and got a millipede tattoo!

Wednesday was our last day in Orlando, and Cari and Caitlin put together two awesome presentations on micronutrients. Caitlin first discussed her research looking at how micronutrient applications (using Calcium, Sodium, and Zinc) affected decomposition across a successional gradient in a temperate forest up at UMBS.


Cari followed Caitlin, and presented her research on how micronutrient supplements (Calcium and Zinc) affected decomposition across an elevational gradient in a tropical system. Cari’s field sites were in Hawaii, and she’d be more than willing to talk about some of her field experiences there with anybody interested!


Overall, the trip was exhausting but a ton of fun! The whole Pelini Lab crew felt great about their presentations, and they all hope to return to ICE again in the near future!


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