Pelini Lab at SICB

Last week, the Pelini Lab traveled to Portland, Oregon for the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) conference. On Monday morning, master’s student Rob Baroudi gave a talk discussing his thesis work which focuses on how macroinvertebrate communities can impact litter decomposition along a successional gradient in a temperate forest. His research was conducted at the University of Michigan Biological Station. It was also Rob’s first SICB presentation, and aside from a creaky stage, it went quite swimmingly.


On Wednesday afternoon, PhD student Audrey Maran presented her master’s work which she completed at Harvard Forest last year. Using a mesocosm approach, Audrey investigated how the presence of predators contributes to belowground responses to an increase in temperature in soil organisms. Later, master’s student Cari Ritzenhaler presented a poster delineating her results on how millipedes, micronutrients, and moisture drive invertebrate diversity and carbon cycling along an elevation gradient in a wet, montane, Hawaiian forest.



Overall, the SICB meeting provided a fantastic environment for engaging discussions between and among a wide variety of scientific disciplines and perspectives.


We are all grateful for the experience and look forward to attending SICB and other conferences in the future!


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